What Should I Do About Odorous House Ants in My Home?

Posted by Steve Thompson on Mar 6, 2018 7:01:00 PM

Their name alone is enough to make you cringe, but what should you do when you find one (or probably more) of these critters living in your home? How can you prevent an infestation, and why on earth do they stink? Read on for answers to these questions and more!

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Take These Steps if You Find Bed Bugs in Your Home

Posted by Steve Thompson on Mar 1, 2018 6:03:00 PM

You’ve noticed an outbreak of tiny red bumps on your arms and legs. They aren’t painful at first, but then they begin itching and more and more appear every night. Then it happens, you spot several tiny, flat, wingless, insects crawling around in your bed. The nightmare is real, but thankfully, so is the solution.

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Three Reasons to Seal Your Grout

Posted by Monika Morales on Feb 22, 2018 4:03:00 PM

If you have tile flooring, you’ve probably debated whether or not to seal the grout. While it is possible to leave your tile and grout unsealed, experts advise that there’s more than one advantage to taking the extra step.

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What Should I Do About the Spiders in My Home?

Posted by Steve Thompson on Feb 13, 2018 4:01:00 PM

Spiders are kind of the worst. Sure, they’re good for keeping the pesky insect population down, but one look at those creepy eight-legged monsters sends many of us running for the hills. Although arachnophobia runs rampant in the Western population, very few spiders have the capability to actually harm a human being. Regardless, spotting one—or more—of these invaders in your home can be unsettling and may even indicate a larger problem.

You can take steps to reduce the number of spiders that enter your home, and if you do spot a few, you can eliminate them with natural products that you can easily make or purchase. Sometimes, however, spider infestations require a professional pest control technician’s attention.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Termites

Posted by Steve Thompson on Feb 5, 2018 7:01:00 PM

The biggest threat to your home may be attacking you right under your nose—or floors. Termites affect more than half a million homes in the U.S. each year. Unfortunately these silent destroyers can go undetected for quite some time, often until the damage has harmed not only your home but also your wallet. If you’re not careful, you may be chipping into the $5 billion spent each year on termite-related expenses.

Concerned that your home may be at risk? There are several precautions you can take to lower your chances of a termite infestation. Check out these five ways to protect your home from termites.

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5 Things You Should Know About Asian Lady Beetles

Posted by Steve Thompson on Feb 1, 2018 6:00:00 PM

When it’s cold enough outside to see your breath, it seems like insects should be the last thing on your radar. But, as it turns out, one particular foe likes to strike when the weather outside is frightful. You may have noticed today’s subject and mistaken it for another insect—the ladybug. Today, we’re dissecting this critter so you can correctly identify it and effectively keep it out of your home.

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Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Hardwood Floors

Posted by Monika Morales on Jan 24, 2018 4:07:00 PM

Hardwood floors are a beautiful feature in your home, and they can continue to be in the years ahead. It’s important to implement a cleaning and maintenance regimen to protect the look and integrity of your hardwood floors. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a deep clean, here’s your guide to keeping your hardwood floors looking fabulous.

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Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Home This Winter

Posted by Steve Thompson on Jan 18, 2018 5:05:00 PM

Your alarm clock goes off in the morning…rise and shine! You step out of bed, into your slippers, and sluggishly make your way toward the kitchen. It’s time for your ritual 7 o’clock cup of coffee. You open up your cupboard to reach for your favorite mug when you suddenly see a roach scurry past your hand and out of view. Your heart skips a beat and you let out a quick screech. Well, you’re awake. No caffeine needed today.

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How to Keep Mice Out of Your Home This Winter

Posted by Steve Thompson on Jan 8, 2018 6:09:00 PM
“Honey, how are we going to keep the mice away? I don’t want to deal with them again all winter like we did last year!” 

Mice are some of the most common pests to sneak into our homes during the winter to wait out the cold, taking advantage of our heat and food resources. Unfortunately, they’re able to squeeze through tiny, dime-sized holes we often don't even know are there. To help you ward off mice and prevent them from entering your home this winter, we've compiled a list of tips.

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Should I Treat My Attic for Pests This Winter?

Posted by Steve Thompson on Jan 3, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Many people don’t think they need pest control services during the winter. Don’t the ice, snow, and freezing temperatures either send creepy crawlers south or kill them off?  Nope—certainly not all of them. Mice, rats, cockroaches, and Asian beetles are some of the common pests that can sneak into our homes and make themselves comfortable (sometimes without us even noticing) during the cold season in Iowa.

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