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What Should I Do About the Spiders in My Home?

Posted by Steve Thompson on Feb 13, 2018 4:01:00 PM

Spiders are kind of the worst. Sure, they’re good for keeping the pesky insect population down, but one look at those creepy eight-legged monsters sends many of us running for the hills. Although arachnophobia runs rampant in the Western population, very few spiders have the capability to actually harm a human being. Regardless, spotting one—or more—of these invaders in your home can be unsettling and may even indicate a larger problem.

You can take steps to reduce the number of spiders that enter your home, and if you do spot a few, you can eliminate them with natural products that you can easily make or purchase. Sometimes, however, spider infestations require a professional pest control technician’s attention.

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